Gio M'ariposi


Restoring the faith

“If we stop just for a moment and question our part in the lunacy of constant acquisition, the unfettered consumption of the “new”, then maybe we will begin to remember or learn a few fundamental truths, one being that the correlation between buying and happiness is an illusion which can never be achieved. Somewhere deep down, don’t most of us know that true happiness is within and cannot be purchased?
So let’s take advantage to reassess what we know, what we have, what we own, to redefine its meaning and reappraise what the market means to us. Who knows – we might even shift as a society from one of such discontent and unhappiness to one that smiles and laughs a little more. Anything is worth trying.
Oh, and thank you Aline for all that you have taught me and happy, happy birthday, old lady.”

– “Restoring the faith” – ClassicBoat magazine, march 2010